18 December, 2014

If you are a Ruskin Bond Fan...

Then you can not miss this interview of his. Taken by Archana Masih from Rediff...

An excerpt..

Those were different times, weren’t they? But you still write in long hand, don't you?

I do very much so. In fact, I've gone backwards, I used to type, but now I get a stiff neck or shoulders.

I am far more comfortable writing by hand. My handwriting is good so people don't object.

The publishers put my writing through their computers and send me a printout -- that will be full of mistakes which I have to then correct... (laughs).

The Man is too cute....I wanna meet him once and pinch his cheeks!!! Go read the interview and chuckle!!!

16 December, 2014

Feel Slimmer in 6 Steps

  1. Go to a Clothes Store & browse through the clothes
  2. Pick up any kurta/ T-shirt/ Shirt of your choice. Ensure that you pick up largest available size
  3. Go to the Trial room and try the cloth.
  4. When the piece is too loose for you go back & pick a size smaller*
  5. Try that and when that too is dheela a grin will be appear on your face. You will feel "wow I thought I was fat but I can try one size smaller".
  6. Do a mini dance and choose another size repeat the above steps till you find a size which fits you.**
Now go enjoy the feeling of feeling slimmer.

* Don't carry 2-3 sizes together because you are tying to lose and weight & walking helps.
** Try not to look too much in the mirror because it doesn't lie and you want to feel happy

No need to thank me...I know I can be a motivator and am in a wrong profession.

Be Happy!!

09 December, 2014

A Rose Is a Rose is A Rose!! Not really!

Location: Some nursery near that Cockroach restaurant

Characters: I & The Nursery Wala Bhaiya (NWB)

Pointing towards X plant

I: Bhaiya, how much is that plant for?

NWB: Madam Ten rupees.

I: Ok give that also.

He picks it up...

I: Rose flower hai kya?

NWB: Yes Madam.

I: Great, give it.

NWB Picks the same plant that I had asked for and hands it to me. Picture appended (see how professional my blog language has become) 

The Roz flower

I: Bhaiya, rose?

NWB: Madam rose aate hain!!

I: In this plant??

NWB: Yes Madam, roz flower aate hain.

And then it clicks!!!

I: Bhaiya Gulaab ke phool ka paudha hai kya??? (do you have the plant of rose flower?)

NWB: No madam finish hua!!!

And I laughed my way to the car...

The Other plants that we picked that day.

03 December, 2014

The White House Resort - Wildlife in Your Plate

This Sunday we decided to go out for a fun day. It was decided that we will visit Shri Varadvinayak Ashtavinayak temple at Mahad and then on the way back we would stop by at any of the resorts for lunch & fun. On are way to the temple we had kept an eye and decided to stop over at the The White House Resort because it looked good & had slides etc as well.

The trip to the temple went very well, though it took us 45 minutes to have a darshan but it was well worth the time. After we were done with the darshan, moving around, duck watching & the mandatory Photography session, we moved towards the shopping lane which is present near all major temples. We picked up some local papad's, masala etc. By the time we were done we were starving. So, it was time to rush to the White House resort which was not as near as we had thought it was. Or may be it was our tummy that was calculating the Kms.

Anyways we landed here and saw that it was a huge space with loads of greenery and an okish seating arrangement. For a change we ordered in a record time and as the food started coming in we attacked it like we had never had food. The food was tasty or may be we were too hungry so we ordered more. I mixed up my rice and then I saw this

I immediately beckoned the waiter and showed him the plate. He was about to  take it away but I had the foresight to click a photo, which I did and then I asked him to call the manager. As soon as he came he said

Manager: Ma'am this has not come from the kitchen for sure, it must have fallen from the roof. These kind of things keep happening in open space, tell me what to do.

Me: What do you mean by what can I do? It was my luck that I spotted it otherwise I could have easily eaten it. (Actually I don't know how I spotted it because it could have easily passed off as any of the food items).

Manager: Now, it has happened, what can I do, I will cancel the item.

And then he went away. But I was not happy with his response so we called him again.

Me: Had the cockroach fallen from roof it would have been alive not dead (though I had said this in jest I had actually meant it)

Manager: Ma'am it has happened what do I do? I have said I will cancel the item.

Me: Which Item will you cancel? The daal or the channa or the vegetable? It could have been in anything.

Manager: Ma'am I am extremely sorry but what more do you want me to do? It is an open space and these kind of things happen.

Me: I can understand  but it is your attitude that is bad. You are not apologetic at all. 

Manager: Ma'am I said sorry.

Me: But just now!! Had you come and said "Ma'am we are sorry" things would have been different. We all are hungry but can not eat a morsel more and your attitude is worsening the situation.

Manager: you tell me what to do??

By this time I had realized that talking to this man was useless. He was on a defensive mode and had this arrogance in him that pissed me off. I googled their resort and realized it had a site as well (http://www.whitehouseresort.in/). Next day I came to work and called up their HO & narrated the whole incident to the concerned lady there. Couple of hours later I received a call from the manager. Who again said sorry but with the same attitude. 

All said and done I have realized one thing that I am never going there again and would never recommend the place to anyone. This also makes me think that how important customer service or attitude is. I remember this place where they had royally goofed up with our order. Served a non veg started which we hadn't ordered, forgotten our real starters etc but they were so apologetic about it and came upfront to say sorry and served us complimentary desserts. And then the final bill arrived we realized that they had knocked off two items from it. Its not that we need a discount or complimentary stuff but it is the way you treat your customer that matters the most. When you come out after eating you remember two things, how good or bad the food was and how you were treated.

The restaurant that had goofed up with out order serves amazing food and we keep going back to them despite the goof ups because they treat us well and they have made a customer for life time. But in case of White House that will never be the case.

Do you have any similar experiences? Do share!

The signage of the resort

28 November, 2014

Why is there a Lull on this blog!

This post comes in existence because of my BFF, my Mom & a colleague of my Husband and to some extent Hitchy. All of them have recently asked about the silence in this space and the very low frequency.

Well, I have been busy. Very busy. In September I was away and then when I came back I was welcomed with a mountain of work and all because of Mr. Modi. By a single decision of deregulating Diesel he brought us back in business and rest they say is history. There is so much to do that a day is not enough. I & Hubby travel together to work, he drops me & moves towards his office. There was a time when I would call him in the evening and ask "when are we leaving" and he would make me wait. Now the tables are reversed. But its fun in a way. Its good to be doing what I am supposed to do. And that leaves me with very little time to blog. By the time I reach home I am tired and by the time I retire to bed I am half dead.

From now on I will try to update this blog at least twice week, there are so many stories waiting to be shared , so many recipes waiting to be cooked & so many books to be reviewed. 

Let me share few images from our trip to Indore, we went there to meet the twins, they are doing well *touch wood*. Arnav had a gala time with them & though the trip was short but it was good. We made it a point to visit the Sharaffa Bazaar and though we had a good experience but our lack of patience made us miss the real shops because by the time we came to the famous ones we were already full.

The Jalebas

The yummmmm Gulab Jamuns

The Chole Tikki Chaat
 Have A Happy Weekend people :)

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