15 July, 2015

Who Takes the Credit?

As such anything that this Ass***e says shouldn't make me think or ponder because a- I feel that Congress party has been the worst loser in the history & b- this man been nothing but an Ass***e of first order.

But still, this tweet made me wonder that if we all started taking credit for things that we feel were originally devised by us the whole scenario will change.

Imagine this 

A chef presents an awesome dish & everybody is just loving it to bits; are praising the chef & in true Indian fashion want to kiss the hand of cook when the door bursts open and a man walks in and says! Stop! Kiss my hand. Those vegetables were grown in my garden and this dish hadn't been possible if I had not sown the seeds.

A fashion show comes to a halt because of the farmer, had he not grown cotton the clothes wouldn't have even existed.

Our mothers would stake claim to whatever we are doing right now because she gave birth to us and wait even our father's would stake a claim because well they also contributed.

The computer wouldn't be possible without the plastics. blah blah blah

In fact if you think quiet nicely you will realize every thing comes from earth & the latter comes from God. So I guess it is high time that God comes down and takes credit for every bloody thing on this universe.

Imagine if that happens what will happen to the people who thrive on taking credit away from the rightful people? Imagine the condition of the selfish folks who thrive on pulling people down to pull themselves up? Imagine the plight of people who are habitual cribber. How will they survive.

I know I have been asking too many questions these days but I am just fed up. When I see people doing & saying things like this my blood boils. When I see people taking up credit for things that they didn't even contribute in I just can't accept it. What is worst is that people let these kind of things happen. They feel that at the end of the day their work will shine but they forget that this is not the old world. This is a brand new world where to keep your carpet the best you need to pull the carpet from under other peoples feet. That it is imperative to blow your own trumpet because that is the norm!!!

All this is disheartening.

P.S. I dunno if this post is making any sense or not but I had to say all of this.

13 July, 2015

Its High Time That we Started Minding Our own Business!

I go to a grocery store, buy all that I want to and when you, a fellow Indian points at my bag and asks this much stuff? What have you bought? Poora store khareed liya?

Hello!!! Money is mine, I am carrying the heavy bag, I will take it to my home and keep in my cupboards so your father what goes?

Currently I am way past that stage where these words go in my thought bubble or I would just politely smile. I actually say those words. Like this guy saw me carrying some stuff (which was actually bhel & some eatables) and asked Nashta laaye hain? I said, yes, any problem? You might feel I was over reacting but had you seen his expressions & tone you would have agreed with my response.

Like there is this lady whom I meet off & on or rather our paths cross once in 2 months and every time we meet she will ask, what happened to your diet, you have gained weight etc. This time I had lost it and said can you not talk about anything else? But she would have none of it; she wanted to know why I gave up the diet why I had gained weight. I said, I like being fat that's why I am the way I am. Can we now move on? And would you believe what her response was? Well, ok! But why?

Come on who wouldn't want to lose weight but if I am not losing then there has to be a reason right? and if there is no reason do you really need to rub in every time? I have a mirror which tells me I am fat I don't need the whole world to call me and tell me the same. Again & Again! I can also ask uncomfortable questions but I don't.

Another glaring example of our not minding our own business. Imagine if you are going to attend a marriage; here are the scenarios you will face
  • If you are single the whole marriage hall will conspire to get you married.
  • If you are married and are childless every body would want you to make a baby and if takes getting into the act there & now then be it.
  • If you have a child and its a girl; well you need a boy.
  • If you have a child and your family isn't into gender bias then also you need to have another kid to give your baby a companion.
  • If there are tick marks against all the above you need to buy a house of your own
  • If you have a house of your own you need to go abroad
  • and if nothing else then the usual stuff, you need to put on weight/ you need to lose weight blah blah blah and more blah

When will we learn to let others be? When will we learn to live & let live. People are different and they have different choices. When will we mature as a society to accept that?

10 July, 2015

Peeps In...

I seriously need to buckle up. Every time I revive this place I take a break and I go into a pit that is so deep that it is difficult to crawl out. It is already a month that we are back from Bhopal; yeah we were there for few marriages and had a fun time. This trip brought in a change; the duties were exchanged and my parents went back to their abode and In Laws are back after almost a year. 

From the time we have come back I have this terrible cold which is just not going away. The weather which fluctuates from being very cold to humid to hot and back to being cold is not helping nor did the missing in action maid for 10 days and neither does the water issue (we have a very erratic water supply lately) helping. Daily we have to keep water stored because of the water curfew that we have imposed in our building. It is almost 20 days that I have been sneezing. It makes me dull and what not. Tomorrow I am planning to visit a well known homeopathic doctor.

Other than that life is going on. I have been watching a lot of TV Shows lately (on my mobile) and the one that I look forward to most is Master Chef Australia. Whenever I see the folks cooking I feel like quitting my job, doing a course and make making food my living. And this is despite the fact that I am a vegetarian and I do not understand their food and the small portion sizes. That aside I watch 2-3 Hindi Serials and realized 2-3 things 
1- I can not like the usual Saas Bahu Serials. I want something contemporary.
2- I hate unpleasantness in the serials. I only like to see happy-happy things.
3- I end up question the logic and the lack of it makes me hate the serial.

I am now looking forward to watch Jhalak Dikhla Ja. It has everything in it for me; from Shahid Kapoor (Aaaah!!!!) to Manish Paul (Love his quirky sense of humor) to dance. So I will be watching it regularly.

The other thing that is going on in my mind currently is Brat's birthday which is just a month away. Like every year I am looking for a cake theme and I think I after thinking a lot I know what I am making; so wait for more updates.

So; how have you guys been? I know I don't comment in your blogs but I read all of them.

30 June, 2015

#Selfie with my Offspring

These might sound repetitive and these might sound just questions to you but for me these questions itself have the answers because when you question yourself the answers pop out automatically. 

If you are really as proud to have a daughter as you show then how come in same breath you say; "My daughter is like a Son to me". Aren't you insulting her in the same breath? Why can she not be just a good daughter? Why do you feel the need to put her in a mold?

When a couple is expecting a baby the most asked question is; what do you want? A boy or a girl? And the answer that mostly comes out is; "we want a healthy baby gender doesn't matter to us". Though I am not judging anyone but I know there is a pressure on the couples to say; Ohhh! We want a girl. We have always wanted a girl. I say pressure because lest you say; "I want a Boy!" you will be judged. You will be prosecuted for wanting a boy not a girl. 

Why is it that you are gushed upon for wanting a girl but hated for wanting a boy or rather for being honest about it? Do you really feel that people are genuine when the say "we want a healthy baby; gender is immaterial." Or are they just being diplomatic in front of people who are ready to pounce on you if you do not say what they expect you to say?

Why is it that we always say "I do not have to worry about anything; my daughter is like a son to me" why do we never hear "my son is like my daughter?" 

Why do we always assume that only daughters can take care of their parents and not the Son's? Have we not seen Son's taking care of their parents ever? 

Why is it absolutely necessary for us to compare the two of them? Why do we have the need to pit them against each other? Why is that we can not accept the fact that our offspring can be good or bad irrespective of their gender?

If as a parent you really have nurtured your kid and brought them without differentiating then what is the need to remind the world that you have brought up your Son & your daughter equally. What is the need to remind the girl that she was different but wasn't treated differently.

Why do we want to change the world and its thinking but never think beyond the obvious. Why can we not think that when we compare we are being unjust to all.  Why can we not understand that pull someone up it isn't necessary to pull someone down. Why can we not understand that what we need to give is a beautiful environment for our kids to grow. That they need to be nurtured & loved so that they know no bias and do no bias.

Think over!

Celebrate having a kid and make their life a celebration

04 June, 2015

Word Play

Naani: Arnav! You have not been talking properly. If we go out will you speak like this with Badtameezi??
Arnav: No naani! I will behave properly.
Naani: Yes! Good Boy.
Arnav: But Naani, what does Badtameezi mean??


During a bed time story telling session

Me: So, what do we learn from this story? That we shouldn't be selfish and that laalach is bad habit.
Arnav: Mumma! I have been a good buy chhutpan (he has this word for his kiddo days) se na. Hai na Mumma? Main laalach nahin karta na?
Me: Yes, you have always been a good boy.
Arnav: But Mumma what does Laalchi Mean?


Arnav has this bad habit (rather we can say it comes from his inherent inquisitiveness) of interfering in whatever we are saying or doing. Basically whatever we are talking about he has questions/ suggestions/ ideas about it. Sometimes we ignore him and sometimes it becomes irritating. So yesterday I & Mom were discussing something (which doesn't remotely concern the brat) and the brats kept butting in continuously. After a point of time I was bugged and

Me: Arnav how many times do I have to tell you that jis cheez se tumhara matlab nahin hai usme taang mat adaao (meaning don't interfere & taang means leg)
Arnav: But Mumma mere legs to neeche hain!!!

Honestly, I couldn't help laughing at the matter.


Arnav: Mom let's do packing for the trip
Me: Has your dad taken the suitcases out?
Arnav: No!
Me: So, where will I keep the stuff? Inside your dad? (I really need to stop this habit of mine of saying anything)
The brat runs over to his father and repeats every thing verbatim to him
Husband: Tumhari mumma kucch bhi bolti hai (your Mom says anything).
The brat kept standing there for a better reaction from his Dad so that he could come and repeat it. When he didn't get one..
Arnav: OK!!! I am in your team.
Comes running to me and repeats everything & then some...
Arnav: But! Mumma! how will you keep it inside him? Mooh se andaar daaolgi??

Seriously! He is becoming a Naarad Muni...repeats, adds masala, repeats!!!
But life is so much more fun with his antics and honestly his innocence sometimes touches me so much that I can not tell you. The way kids perceive things is so simple. For them it is either black or white. All problems have simplistic solutions & all questions should have answers. They trust us blindly and love us unconditionally. I wish we all could go back to that pure & simple view of life and things & don't look for motives & angles which do not exist.

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