18 August, 2014

While I have been Away...

Hellos!!! How have you been my blog? I know I am logging in after a long time but last one month has been quite challenging for us. I had committed myself to return to regular blogging and that is why I started the photo challenge in July. Despite all odds I tried my level best to keep up with the pace but I failed on the last day. I did not post on 31st and I have my reasons for it.

As I said July has been a very upsetting month for us; health wise. My BIL (I have talked about his health Issues in this post Doctors - Proxy Gods or Devils in Disguise?). After two years of the detection of his ailment the creatinine level started rising suddenly. Within a week it reached a point where we were compelled to decide that there is no escaping from the Kidney transplant now. In a jiffy my In Laws left to be with my BIL & SIL and my parents arrived here. The formalities are on and we are expecting the operation in next 15 days, please keep us in your prayers.

Then I fell sick towards July end. What a nightmare it was, I was throwing up every time I ate, my blood tests were clear and then the doctor in my office gave me a prescription. Despite taking medicines my condition did not improve, not a single morsel would stay in my stomach. We consulted another doctor, a battery of tests were conducted and in the meanwhile she made me continue the old meds. When I went back with the reports she tells me that the side effect of one of the medicines I was taking was "vomiting". I was so bugged up, she knew I was weak, she knew I was throwing up but did not bother to discontinue the medicine. I was bugged up with my previous doctor who failed to highlight the side effects when she first prescribed the damn medicine to me. What kind of doctor do we have. 

Anyways, August kicked in and preparations of Arnav's birthday began. We had a small get together and my boy was so bloody excited that day that I can not tell you. The menu was simple

  • Cake - Continuing the tradition of elaborate cakes, I made a train cake this time. I had researched a lot on the icing this time and fortunately everything turned out well. Kids loved the train, Arnav had a twinkle in his eyes when he saw it and my effort was well worth the smile I got.
  • Pav Bhaaji
  • Gulab Jamun &
  • Wafers
I made the 1st two at home and last two were bought from stores. I could have bought the other stuff also but I wanted to give the same kind of experience to my son that we have got. I mean there is another kind of excitement when everything is done at home. Here are the few images from the day 

The Train Cake

Arnav Express Loaded with Goodies

Another Cake

Cutting Time

Having fun with his best fren from the building

By the time the party ended we were dead tired but happy. Happy and amazed with the way time is flying.

Two three more eventful things happened this week. RM visited home and we had a gala time but another post on that. And we managed to find a quaint place by the sea which deserves a full post but here is a glimpse from there

So how have you been?

30 July, 2014

Lost - Day 30

Doesn't he look so very lost :-P and yes he is sitting just outside our office...what? Dogs also need protection from rains ;-)

29 July, 2014

Repeat - Day 29

Pot holes do a Repeat of last year that too on a newly constructed.highway. Btw we will be paying toll for this highway.

28 July, 2014

Cool - Day 28

This was one of the toughest prompt for me. From capturing rains to planning to open the freezer i had all the ideas running through my Mind and then i cooked the dinner.

As you see below, the image is of Dabeli in making. Just couple of months back Rakman (in one of the most active Whatsapp group of mine) boasted about his wife made Dabeli. We then pestered him for the recipe. It was then that this otherwise uselss Man turned sweet. Via his friend in Kutch he managed to send Dabeli Masala for each of us.

Ain't that COOL??

P.S. Rakman i reiterate am running short of ideas so stop flying ;-)

26 July, 2014

Ten - Day 27

This Morning 10 AM was booked for Kick!!

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