30 June, 2015

#Selfie with my Offspring

These might sound repetitive and these might sound just questions to you but for me these questions itself have the answers because when you question yourself the answers pop out automatically. 

If you are really as proud to have a daughter as you show then how come in same breath you say; "My daughter is like a Son to me". Aren't you insulting her in the same breath? Why can she not be just a good daughter? Why do you feel the need to put her in a mold?

When a couple is expecting a baby the most asked question is; what do you want? A boy or a girl? And the answer that mostly comes out is; "we want a healthy baby gender doesn't matter to us". Though I am not judging anyone but I know there is a pressure on the couples to say; Ohhh! We want a girl. We have always wanted a girl. I say pressure because lest you say; "I want a Boy!" you will be judged. You will be prosecuted for wanting a boy not a girl. 

Why is it that you are gushed upon for wanting a girl but hated for wanting a boy or rather for being honest about it? Do you really feel that people are genuine when the say "we want a healthy baby; gender is immaterial." Or are they just being diplomatic in front of people who are ready to pounce on you if you do not say what they expect you to say?

Why is it that we always say "I do not have to worry about anything; my daughter is like a son to me" why do we never hear "my son is like my daughter?" 

Why do we always assume that only daughters can take care of their parents and not the Son's? Have we not seen Son's taking care of their parents ever? 

Why is it absolutely necessary for us to compare the two of them? Why do we have the need to pit them against each other? Why is that we can not accept the fact that our offspring can be good or bad irrespective of their gender?

If as a parent you really have nurtured your kid and brought them without differentiating then what is the need to remind the world that you have brought up your Son & your daughter equally. What is the need to remind the girl that she was different but wasn't treated differently.

Why do we want to change the world and its thinking but never think beyond the obvious. Why can we not think that when we compare we are being unjust to all.  Why can we not understand that pull someone up it isn't necessary to pull someone down. Why can we not understand that what we need to give is a beautiful environment for our kids to grow. That they need to be nurtured & loved so that they know no bias and do no bias.

Think over!

Celebrate having a kid and make their life a celebration

04 June, 2015

Word Play

Naani: Arnav! You have not been talking properly. If we go out will you speak like this with Badtameezi??
Arnav: No naani! I will behave properly.
Naani: Yes! Good Boy.
Arnav: But Naani, what does Badtameezi mean??


During a bed time story telling session

Me: So, what do we learn from this story? That we shouldn't be selfish and that laalach is bad habit.
Arnav: Mumma! I have been a good buy chhutpan (he has this word for his kiddo days) se na. Hai na Mumma? Main laalach nahin karta na?
Me: Yes, you have always been a good boy.
Arnav: But Mumma what does Laalchi Mean?


Arnav has this bad habit (rather we can say it comes from his inherent inquisitiveness) of interfering in whatever we are saying or doing. Basically whatever we are talking about he has questions/ suggestions/ ideas about it. Sometimes we ignore him and sometimes it becomes irritating. So yesterday I & Mom were discussing something (which doesn't remotely concern the brat) and the brats kept butting in continuously. After a point of time I was bugged and

Me: Arnav how many times do I have to tell you that jis cheez se tumhara matlab nahin hai usme taang mat adaao (meaning don't interfere & taang means leg)
Arnav: But Mumma mere legs to neeche hain!!!

Honestly, I couldn't help laughing at the matter.


Arnav: Mom let's do packing for the trip
Me: Has your dad taken the suitcases out?
Arnav: No!
Me: So, where will I keep the stuff? Inside your dad? (I really need to stop this habit of mine of saying anything)
The brat runs over to his father and repeats every thing verbatim to him
Husband: Tumhari mumma kucch bhi bolti hai (your Mom says anything).
The brat kept standing there for a better reaction from his Dad so that he could come and repeat it. When he didn't get one..
Arnav: OK!!! I am in your team.
Comes running to me and repeats everything & then some...
Arnav: But! Mumma! how will you keep it inside him? Mooh se andaar daaolgi??

Seriously! He is becoming a Naarad Muni...repeats, adds masala, repeats!!!
But life is so much more fun with his antics and honestly his innocence sometimes touches me so much that I can not tell you. The way kids perceive things is so simple. For them it is either black or white. All problems have simplistic solutions & all questions should have answers. They trust us blindly and love us unconditionally. I wish we all could go back to that pure & simple view of life and things & don't look for motives & angles which do not exist.

01 June, 2015

Tanu Weds Manu Returns - My View

I know its too late to review this movie because most of us have already seen it but I have my two pence to share. We watched it this weekend & I had been waiting for it. The trailer was awesome, the reviews were fantastic and anybody & everybody was raving about it. Hmmmm....

So I went in with so much expectations and when I came out I was wondering what was the hoophallah all about? There were so many critics raving about it and there was even a controversy about the ratings being upgraded in Mumbai Mirror and the Film critic resigning later. Read about it here Mumbai Mirror film critic Rahul Desai quits after 'Tanu Weds Manu Returns' rating furore. The movie is just average. I have not seen the part 1 but my parents were telling me that it was much much better. I guess the performances were worth raving for but in whole the movie is blaah! worth watching on Television only. Kanagana was very good, she looked pretty and acted well. I love Madhavan but he looks constipated in the whole movie and his friend Pappi had more dialogues than him. The only person who looks sensible and acts sensible in the movie was Jimmy Shergill. That man deserves much more than that he is getting.

So as I said, the only good thing about the movie was the performances besides that there was nothing worth raving about it. In fact there are so many loopholes in the movie that there are more holes than the story. Let me this some of them

~~~~Spoilers Ahead~~~~
  1. The movie kicks open with Kangana & Madhavan going for marriage counselling in *hold your breath* a mental asylum!!! Tell me who meets a counselor that too 3 not one in an asylum? And also tell me who gets admitted in an asylum for being angry? That too a practicing doctor? You are angry and patt! you are admitted and then as easily you are discharged with the help of a friend?
  2. Tanu aka Kangana's best friend had a baby via IVF and her husband doesn't know about it. Leave aside the consent of husband part, how is it medically possible that the lady had a baby through IVF and nobody comes to know about it? The whole process is so painful for the women that it is impossible for people around her to not know.  
  3. Manu's best friend Pappi (that man was too good), Manu & Datto kidnap a girl 2 days before her marriage. The girl's brother, bhabhi, Tanu & few more people go on a trip to get her back but when they reach at Gattu's place where the girl was kept she is forgotten. Nobody mentions about her marriage & they are are busy with Manu & Datto's marriage. Cinematic liberties??
  4. Tanu signs on the divorce papers and Manu starts his 2nd ki marriage preparations next day. hello! paper sign karne se divorce ho jaata to kitne couple ki life asaan ho jaati.
  5. And and and can somebody else send divorce paper in your name? Nahin na? In this movie it does happen that ways.
  6. Picture this, a brother has moved out of his hometown because of the orthodox beliefs of his family. The same family is now trying to burn Manu & his friends to death but this brother comes back gives a monologue and everything is hunky dory! Come one this is Haryana we are talking about. If one heavy dialogue could solve all the issues there would be no Honor killings.
There are many more loopholes that I can talk of but it doesn't make sense (like the movie). The matter of fact is that this one is a highly over rated movie and in some ways it feels that the makers were trying to cash in  on the current popularity of Kangana & the previous movie of the series and in the hurry they forgot filling in the gaping holes in the story. Before anybody questions me for questioning the story of the movie on the basis that I am a self proclaimed Salman Khan fan & none of his movies have stories so on that basis I have no rights to question this movie; let me tell you what irked me the most. The fact that we are putting this boring in parts movie on a  pedestal which it doesn't deserve. Dum Laga ke Haisha was a movie based in small town but it was such an awesome movie. It also managed to catch many nuances of small towns but without compromising on logic & stories and that is one movie which deserves to get all the praise.

Praise the performances of TWMR, praise the scenes of the movie which standout, praise the way small town is depicted but don't put the whole movie on a pedestal it doesn't deserve and that is my Personal opinion.

29 May, 2015

The Weirdos Around Me

We go to this Vegetable Market in Belapur which is just too good. They have the most fresh vegetables there and the prices are damn good.

Three Visitors at the Mandi
And there are so many quirky characters there. Like this guy who is always selling Fruits; shouting at the top of his voice. Like that day he went on

50 Ka 1/2 Kg
100 Ka 2 Kg
Le Lo meethe Angoor
Le Lo Angoor

He goes on & on in loop and then a small boy sitting next to him quips

*Langoor Beche Angoor!!!

I was literally ROFLing!!!
And then Yesterday this guy was selling Lady Finger & shouting

20 Rs for 1/2 Kg, buy this bhindi you won't need a spoon to eat it. 

I was buying some other vegetable from the same vendor and after listening to this weird statement I couldn't stop myself and asked him what does he really mean.

And then his explanation took weirdness to another level. He said, "Ma'am I mean you don't need to cut the bhindi with spoon it will be so soft...blah! blah! blah!"

I was like, hello we eat bhindi with roti. And then his partner said; bhai you are saying anything? Bhindi with spoon? At least say something that makes sense.

I left his shop with my head shaking, I mean lol!! Anything people say.
When I reached home yesterday My Mom told me that the our maid was offended today. The first thought that crossed my mind was may be it has to do something with my Mom telling her that she comes late daily. When my Mom narrated the incident I was laughing out loud. Here is why...

We have a perennial issue with this maid. She never sticks to time, some day she would come at 11 and some day she would be as late as 12. What remains consistent is that she manages to wrap up HER work in flat 1/2 an  hour. SO my Mom and she have this daily interaction where Mom asks why is she late and she comes up with one excuse or the other from her bank of excuses. Finally day before yesterday my Mom gave up and told her that from now on she won't utter a word about her timing.

So when she came in late yesterday my Mom remained mum! But the maid's pathetic work made her open her mouth

My Mom: Please clean that balcony, you haven't cleaned it since so many days.
Maid: OK!
Mom: You know I have a maid in Delhi also. She is just 19 and works so hard. She walks down from her home to my place, always comes on time. Goes back cooks lunch and then does the ironing work at her stall, then comes back again etc. She is just 19 and does so much work and that too clean. I don't need to say anything to her ever.

At this my maid was offended & looking aghast she says

Maid: To aapko kya lagta hai meri age kya hai!! (what do you think my age is)

No she wasn't offended by our questions on her pathetic work! Its Age that matters

Mom: *a little shocked at her reaction* Ummm may be 24?
Maid:  No! I am only 20!! I was married at 15 that's why I have two kids.
Mom: Which means you are younger than your devrani? 

Maid ignored the priceless question.

The devrani (wife of my maids husband's younger brother) in question used to work for us previously and she had time and again told us that she was 21!!!

Go figure!

*Langoor is a breed of Monkey

28 May, 2015

Kindle Voyage - A Reader's view

Almost a month back I received a call from a stranger who later identified himself as an employee of Amazon. He had a small query that whether I would be interested in using & reviewing the  newly launched Amazon Kindle Voyage. Frankly that was a no brainer for me and I quickly gave me assent for it. Some 20 days later the product was in my hands along with the some credit in my Amazon account.

In no time I was logged into the account; few books were bought and the voyage steamed ahead. 

Before I give you my view of the product; here are the specifications

Price Starting at   16,499.00
Screen Size 6"
Glare-Free Screen Yes 
Built-in Light Yes + Adaptive light sensor
Page Turns Touchscreen + PagePress
Resolution 300 ppi
Connectivity Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi + Free 3G
Battery Life Battery lasts weeks on a single charge
Storage Holds thousands of books
Weight Wi-Fi: 6.3 oz (180 g)/ Wi-Fi + Free 3G: 6.6 oz (188 g)
Dimensions 6.4" x 4.5" x 0.30" (162 x 115 x 7.6 mm)

I have been using kindle for last one year and though I was initially a little skeptical about it for the usual reasons like a book is a book, I need to feel & smell it etc. But it took me no time to get warmed up to it. The reasons were again very simple, it was easier & lighter to carry, I was getting books at much cheaper price and most importantly the issue of space constraint just goes null & void. I had the very basic Kindle and Voyage is the best product that they have now.

The things that stood out for me in Voyage were
  1. Its back light is damn good. With the purpose of testing it I read a lot in stark darkness and the kindle performed like a beauty. I did not feel any kind of stress (whatever stress my eyes had were because of excess reading and lack of sleep :P)
  2. The page press option to turn the page is a hit. Once you are done with the page you can either swipe to turn to next page or simply press touch corner of the screen to go to next page. It is so very convenient that its not a joke.
  3. The kindle came with a cover and that cover takes innovation to another level. What looks simple in a glance is actually much more. The flip cover works as a stand and all you have to do is to position it in front of you and read it. 
  4. I managed to read some 4-5 books in the period of 15 days and I felt at loss when it was taken back from me. It is so very easy to carry it (though my handbag immediately felt lighter without it) and it makes reading a pleasure. The screen is such that you don't feel that you are reading on a device.
  5. The W-Fi & Free 3G connectivity was a dream. I could practically download anywhere & everywhere which made my life easy; much easy.
The only downer in the whole thing is its price. I would love to own a Kindly Voyage but to shell out 16K for it something that I wouldn't do. 

I would highly recommend the product for hard core readers and if you have that much budget & spare cash the Voyage is a product waiting for you. Don't think twice and buy it. And for people like me; I have an advice; start saving for it :D 

I would take this opportunity to thank Amazon for giving me an opportunity to use Voyage.

You can buy the product here .

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