11 April, 2014

I Want To...

Write something here but it is just not happening :-( but today I have resolved to write something so lemme try my trusted method in such times...let me shoot bullets!!!
  • Finally it is Friday!!! This 9 hours a day is taking its toll. By 9 PM I am so sleepy that I can sleep while sitting but the sleeping happens much later. The only thing that keeps me going is this mini chant, "Saturday Off ke liye kuch bhi karega"
  • The weather is so bloody hot that it is not fair!!!
  • That day while I & Hubby were talking about the Amethi seat I said, "Rahul Gandhi might win, you never know" at precisely that point the brat followed me and said, "Pappu Nahin Jeetega". It took me a minute to realise what he was saying and then I was ROFL!!! Who told him about Pappu?? Of Course me!! Ask him India Ka Pappu kaun hai and pat the reply will come!
  • That brings me onto the topic of Elections. The atmosphere in my office is quite charged up and we keep talking about elections. It is interesting.
  • I have been trying my level best to get my name included in the voting list. I have been running around to get my family's name included in it and after all the mehnat you know what? Just My FIL & My Hubby's name appears in the list. But I am not leaving it...I will vote this year. One way or the other!!
  • My reading has been very sporadic this year and I am not loving it.
  • I am perennially sleep deprived so much that I have to catch some winks at work. Ok! Don't stare! happens to the best of us.
  • MH370 tragedy is so sad no!! God know when will the mystery be solved. Though they are saying that they might be very close to the black box but well, with so many false leads I will have to see it to believe it.
  • I want to comment in all blog posts but keeping track with the A To Z posts is something that I am unable to manage! So sorry friends I do read you but commenting is not happening the way it should be.
The above points were written 2 hrs back and I was planning to write more but I have now realised that either now or never!!!

So here you go I click on Publish!!!

Do tell me how have you been!

03 April, 2014

Sorting Out Sid

Title: Sorting Out Sid
Author: Yashodhara Lal
Publisher: HarperCollins
Number of Pages 320
Genre Fiction Book
From the blurb

A thirty-six year old finds his life breaking apart in front of him with his marriage failing, his parents demeaning him and his friends backstabbing him. Yashodhara Lal’s Sorting Out Sid is the story of how one single mom arrives into his life, and perhaps lends it light once again.Siddharth Aggarwal’s life was good. He had been married for fifteen years now, his friends loved him and he was about to become the company’s youngest Vice President ever. But behind the calm front, his life is actually falling apart. His marriage is on the verge of failing disastrously, his parents think he is still a teenager and his friends are backstabbing him continuously. Add a machiavellian HR to the recipe and his life becomes a live volcano waiting to erupt. Enter Neha, a sprightly single mom who seems to be everything Sid has been missing in his life. Of course, she could also be the one reactant this mixture has been missing to let everything explode in Sid’s face. Sorting Out Sid is a tale of wit, humour and life’s finest details.

My View

This one is a time pass read and what makes it different is that but unlike the trend of women centric books this one is a man's story. These days we mostly get to read a woman's story in the light read genres. SOS Is a peek into the lives of Men who want to remain boys but will, life isn't as easy :D There are few situations in the book which feel a little exaggerated but then this is the problem with this genre things do go over top at times but at the end of the day if it makes you laugh all is ok!!

All in all A light humours read Sorting Out Sid makes for a quick read. Go for it :)

My Rating 4/5

31 March, 2014

All In A Day!!!

Tring Tring

The Guy: Hello! HDFC Home Loans
Me: Can I talk to SM?
The Guy: Kaun bol raha hai? Regarding?
Me: She knows...
The Guy:  Ok...

I listen in background when he shouts, Ma'am call for you!! and a second later he comes back

The Guy: But Ma'am the branch is closed.
Me: But I have a small query only.
The Guy: But Ma'am is not there.
Me: lol!!! If the branch is closed you shouldn't have taken the call and then you call her infront of me and I have heard her voice. Now you are saying she is not there?
The Guy: *Laughs sheepishly* Ma'am what to do she is not coming!!!

Later he did help me by asking my question but I actually laughed out loud over the whole cover up!!!! :D


Couple of days back, I had finished feeding Arnav and also finished telling him 15 minute long story when he felt the urge to go for potty.

After settling him on the commode I also settled on the stool when the following happened

Brat: Mumma Story
Me: No!! No!! U karo potty jaldi se.
Brat: Mumma story
Me: Arrey just now I had narrated such a long story
Brat: Mumma mujhe story nahin sunati
Me: Arrey just now I had shared a story na!!
Brat: If you don't tell me a story I will not talk to you, I will not even play with you.
Me: Arrey beta don't do this, I am tired. I also get tired of talking no!

Hubby who was sitting in the bedroom overheard the conversation and quipped, "Accha aisa bhi hota hai??"

I decidedly ignored the comment!! :P


Day before yesterday I fell victim to a combo of eating out & Heat and was down with Food Poisoning. I couldn't eat anything on Saturday night so when I woke Up I was a little weak. I went to pick up my brat and when he came in my godi he says...

Brat: Mumma when did you wake up?
Me: Just now!!
*As he was in my godi he took my face in his palms*
Brat: You look so Moul Molu!!
Me: Molu Molu???
Brat: Ya! Molu Molu!!!
Me: What does that mean?
Brat: Matlab aapka moonh kitna chotu sa dikh raha hai!!!
Me: lol!!!
Brat: Bilkul choooootu sa mooh ho raha hai aapka!! Bilkul baby jaisa!!! (Meaning your face is looking soooo small just like that of a baby!!!)

I was amazed with his observation!! How soon do kids grow up no??

28 March, 2014

The Big Announcement!!!!

No I am not pregnant! Though the brat has suddenly been saying, "let's get a Chotu Baby at home for playing" but I am treating it as a passing phase & ignoring the comments. Completely.

Neither have I been promoted.

So whats the big announcement??

Well the thing is tomorrow is my last Saturday in this company.

No, I haven't changed my job but my company has changed. Shucks! I am talking in riddles. To cut the long story short from April onwards my company is switching to 5 days a week working. And no prizes for guessing who is the happiest person around! Me!!!If you have been reading my blog you know how I crib about working on Saturdays. Every Saturday when Sonny boy wakes up to ask, "aaj kis kis ki chutti hai?" and I answer, Anrnav, Daddy, Daadu n Daadi ki. He would invariably ask, "Mumma ki nahin hai?" and my heart would break into million pieces. Yes I am exaggerating but you know what I mean.

Having completed more than a decade in this company, *yes you have read it right, now quit being amazed and read ahead* we were not expecting this kind of change. Its like every bloody year rumors would float about Saturday off being announced and it would never materialise. So, when couple of weeks back a senior cabin guy (who is a good friend of mine) asked, "hey what's the dope on Saturday off?" we just brushed him off. Well, not actually brushed him off, I & a colleague harassed him with, "how long have you been with the company, this long and you still believe in these rumors etc etc".

Then last Friday there was a different kind of energy on my floor, the Chairman was addressing the leaders of our company and there was anticipation about a big announcement. There was a podcast link where we could see the live action, I logged in in the site and plugged my earphones. I guess it was at the opportune moment because within 10 mins the chairman said, "the first big change that we are announcing is that of going on a 5 day week", I was dumbfounded for a minute and then immediately stood up and shouted, "5 days week announced". I can not tell you how the reactions ranged, from disbelief to happiness to being cynical, but at the end all were happy.

I then called my hubby, my voice was literally shaking when I broke the news to him and you know how he reacted? "Your work timings will increase/ this might be an April Fool prank" and I was like "thank you so much for being happy". He later did confess that he was sad that I would be home one more day for sucking his blood but I am choosing to ignore that comment. Completely!!!

Over the past week the full policy has come and I can not tell you that I am bloody happy but do you know what all thoughts crossed my mind about utilising Saturday??
  • We can take those holidays that we never could.
  • One day all work & the other day total rest/ enjoyment.
  • One more full day with my brat
  • I can bake that bread that I have always wanted to
  • I can cook more things that I wanted to but never had time for
  • I can go to Crawford Market which remains closed on Sunday (Hubby quipped I will rent a shop for you there but you know my reaction to such quips "ignore*)
Of course I will be putting in extra hours for the five days, I would be leaving earlier & coming late but Saturday off!!!! Yay!!!!! No more cribbing's on this blog on I work on Saturdays and my Whatsapp friends :P you need to find another reason to tease me :D

24 March, 2014

Food, Friends & More Food!!!

Howdy people??? How was your weekend? Mine was good!!! In fact I should say mine was good. There was some announcement made at our work place on Friday which brought a cheer to my life and made my Sunday blissful. The announcement makes a big change in my life but I will write about it only after I get a formal mail. Till then my mouth is sealed n zipped.

So let me tell you about the weekend. From the time we have shifted to this new place I have been craving for chaat. Not that We don't get it in this area but its just that the quality is not that good. My FIL says, I can eat chaat anywhere and that is very true, hygiene/ place / taste do not bother me (unlike my BFF who first checks out the gloves of the golgappa vendors hands) I have to cross a golgappa stall and I start salivating and being true to myself I have already tried 3-4 thela's here but was dissatisfied. So to satisfy my cravings and after repeated cancelling I finally decided to make the Chaat on Saturday. What all did I make? Let me do an RM and list down the food items
  • Aloo Tikki
  • Matar Chat
  • Imli Chutney
  • Green Chutney
  • Corn Chaat
  • Gol Gappe - my mom had sent a packet of ready to fry Golgappa's they turned out to be fabulous
  • Curd
  • Golgappe ka delicious water made by hubby
A bit of what I had Cooked

That's it. I was in heaven and when I think of it even now my mouth is watering. You can not take the chaat out of a North Indian and that is a fact. Period!

Sunday was spent in cleaning & scrubbing before we ventured out to Kerela Bhavan for lunch. There was a waiting of 1/2 an hour which I & MIL decided to spend in a souvenir shop. We picked 3 neck pieces, 2 pieces for ear, one chashma stand & a small pouch for MIL. By the time our turn came up we were ravenous. The food looked like this.

We had traveled from 17 kms for this and had been planning to do so for last 3 years, was it really worth the effort?? Honestly, No!!! but then I blame my North Indian genes for it. My food is incomplete without Roti & a little spice which this food lacked. The food I must say was kind of above average but I was very hungry by the time we reached home *sheepish smile*.
The Spread

The Brat
But all was not lost because we ended up compensating the experience by buying sarees from the adjoining Orissa Bhavan. Both I & my Ma In Law bought 1 saree each, cotton with the traditional samabalpuri print. Aur jeene ko kya wanted!!!

The remaining part of Sunday was spent relaxing.

The week that went by had another highlight....I met a fellow blogger and a good friend Ashwathy. We had been planning to meet kab se but it is due to her efforts that we met, will you believe that she travelled some 30 kms to meet us and her husband came after working full day. Honestly, I was touched with her gesture. On her part it was the Gujhiya that we had made that pulled her so far ;). All in all we had a good time, talked a lot, ate a lot and time just flew by. As it was working day for me also the food that I served was simple but I loved the simple fact that She n her hubby relished whatever was served. When you cook something and the guest doesn't eat properly you feel bad but thankfully that was not case with them. They made all my efforts worthy :-) and aren't they a a lovely couple!!! The brat took his own sweet time to warm up to them sadly by that time it was time for them to leave.

Let me also confess that as far as meeting blog friends is concerned I never take that extra step possibly because I work on Saturdays but the fact is I just don't go out of my way to meeting people. But this meet with her has inspired me, so RM I am all geared up, lets meet soon, what say?

Now come on answer my first question!!

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