24 July, 2014

Water : Day 24

This, Son of mine Loves water and I have photos to prove it. :D

Playing with Keechad on Holi

Freaking out at Mandwa Beach

Aah!!! See the satisfied Look

23 July, 2014

Macro - Day 23

The first thing that comes to my mind when you say Macro is "Macro Economics" and how it was my favorite subject. And how once during MBA days a guy copied from my Answer Sheet of Macro Economics (As am an Economics Graduate) and managed to score more than me :-/. But taking a photograph of Macro Economics is well!!!!

I asked a colleague what comes to her mind when I say Macro, she said "Big". I decided against posting my photo ;-). So I went to my most trustworthy aide Google and came across this definition

"Macro photography is extreme close-up photography, usually of very small subjects, in which the size of the subject in the photograph is greater than life size" - Source Wikipedia

So here we go!

Tomatoes!!! A precious item in today's time, available @ 80 KG. I love this photograph for many reasons
  • The small droplets on the pieces (like the tomato is sweating ;-))
  • The finely chopped pieces look lovely
  • The color combo! Aaaah!!

22 July, 2014

I wore - Day 22

This on 5th August. I donated blood for the first time some 4 years back and haven't looked back after that. This was the 3rd time.

21 July, 2014

Basic - Day 21 & A little More

Finely Chopped Onions., Tomatoes, Ginger Garlic Paste and half a teaspoon of Jeera. These are the most basic ingredients of almost all the dishes that I cook. And Mind you I am very particular about "Finely Chopped".

How was your weekend? Mine was very hectic. We got some work done at our home and the house was coated with cement. It took us 2 days to clean it up and I am sure there is more dust around. Yesterday we did so much cleaning that its not funny! :-/

We decided to end the day by eating out and what a comedy of errors it was. We had ordered Lemoni Paneer as starters, Aloo Bhojpuri, Palak Kofta, Garlic Naan, few Tandoori Roti's and A Chapati. What was served to us?
  • Chilly Chicken Starter. Thankfully as soon as I sliced the piece I realised it was something non veg.
  • Corn Tikki which we had not ordered
  • Lemoni Paneer which we returned because how could we eat two starters and food. When we confronted the guy who took our order he said we had ordered both the starters. I was like are you kidding.
  • Paneer Kofta instead of Palak Kofta. *rolls eyes*
  • 3-4 Chapati's instead of one!
  • For garlic Naan we had to remind them.
  • They had billed us for Jeera rice which we had not ordered and forgot to bill us for two rotis and a Naan!
The food was tasty but it just wasn't the day of the poor man who had taken our order. He gave us complementary sweets which my hubby was declining like a good man but I was clear. I could have eaten Non-Veg!!! Basically I was eyeing the gulab Jamun ;-) *Ya I am cunning that ways :P*

The icing on the cake was this sweet waiter who couldn't stop laughing at the mistakes that his colleagues were making. When we asked for the milk packets which we had asked them to refrigerate m Mom quipped, "Please bring it if they haven't made paneer of it".

The guy handed it over to me and in a fit of giggles he said, "paneer nahin banaya".

What an experience I tell you!!

20 July, 2014

Curl - Day 20

Well lets curl it like this. And lemme confess I mixed it up. Day 20 became Day 19 and vice versa. Pardon me!!

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