13 November, 2014

The Third Joker of my Lifee

Arnav: Naani let's play hide n seek
Naani: Sure!
Arnav: You hide and I will find you
Naani: OK! Done
Arnav: Come I will show you where to hide...

This is the place where you are so dumbfounded that you look towards the audience with WTF expression written on your face. But remember this is your kid and if you don't humour him who will??

Naani: OK...tell me!!

So the grandson and Naani played the game And rest as they say is history or in this case a Blog Post ;-)

12 November, 2014

The Two Jokers of My Life

Joker 1

We are going to meet my Sis In Law this weekend (she delivered twins, a boy & a girl and by Gods grace they are doing good) so we have to buy some gifts for her and I & Hubby were discussing on the logistics of buying them. 

I: So we have to buy saree, blouse, petticoat, sindoor, etc etc...
Him: Lets buy the stuff that can be easily bought from here only.
I: Yes you are right. So we can buy sindoor & bangles.
Him: We can also buy the blouse & petticoat.

I stare at him for a minute, gather my wits & say

I: The blouse & the petticoat have to be matched with the saree. How can they be bought as stand alone items?
Him: Aaah! OK!

And life goes on because Men will be Men.

Joker 2

BFF (Thank me that I am not linking your FB account here :P) had come over this Saturday. She was eating besan ki moongfali (groundnut coated with besan & masala) and was surprised to know that my Mom had made them.

BFF: WOW! This is good. How is it made aunty?
Mom: Its simple, make the besane mixture ready, do xyz and then coat the nuts & fry.
BFF: So, you roll each nut individually and fry?

I cracked up so badly after that statement that I can not tell you. I almost died laughing with her image of picking one piece of groundnut, coating it with besan & frying it one by one!

She is a master piece I tell you!!!

22 October, 2014

Diwali is Here!!!

And Diwala* is nikling!!! 

Just kidding...this is one of my most favorite festivals. I love the lights, the food, the joy, the celebration...everything about it....the tiredness that comes along with is something else but there is fun in celebrating the day with your closed ones.

So at my home kandeels are made, sweets are ready and so are the namkeens. The lights are out and rangoli will be ready tomorrow. 

I am going to enjoy the day so should you.

So be Safe & Have Fun!

Happy Diwali :-)

16 October, 2014

Things That I won't be telling My Son...Ever!!

That his Mom can pen a book titled "101 ways to get rid of Milk". To name few
  • Throw it in a plant pot (after that cover it with water)
  • Throw it in drain but don't forget to pour water again 
  • Procrastinate the drinking and then make it fall


That I had once put my head out of the window grills in such a manner that my parents didn't know how to get me out of the grill. How I was finally rescued is something that they don't want to remember.


That I wanted to get admitted in my Bros school but as that was not Co-Ed. I purposefully blotched my entrance interview in another school. My reason was, the teacher did not ask the question properly. Later I was admitted to a school inside my township, I showed my displeasure by not studying & performing poorly in exams. Apparently I wanted to go to a big school and wanted to travel by bus. Nah! Never telling him this.


That I used to hide novels inside my course book and read them. If I would hear any aahat I would drop the book behind the bed. This habit made me an expert in remembering page numbers instead of using a bookmark.


That on the exams night I have burned the midnight lamp to finish the Mills & Boon which was to be handed back to a friend. I will only tell that I have never failed ;-)


That I was a part of the group who had stolen a Iron from Wardens room (the same was confiscated from our room because it was illegal to keep one ;-)


That once playing hide & seek I was so bloody excited at not being found out that I kept hiding for 1/2 hour. Scaring the daylights out of my relatives who were baby sitting me for the day. They were planning to go to the police station when I decided to make an appearance ;-)


That in my excitement to see Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (It had Salman Khan) we had missed the last bus to my College. How we finally reached there is in itself a story. But let me tell you that I used to live in a residential hostel and the nearest bust stop was 30 kms away. We got down at this stop nearing mid night and got lift from a family who used to stay in the residential complex. They had to make two trips to accommodate us. *total face palm*


Nothing that can be life altering but hiding these incidents will make a hell lot of difference!!! Says the hubby ;0)

P.S. Joined a belly dance class and brats tells hubby, Mumma matak matak ke dance kar rahi thi!!! *face palm*

14 October, 2014

Jo Humke Ho Pasand Wohi Baat Sunenge!!!!

I have been thinking, a lot!!! I have put on a little weight recently (yes there was scope!!!!) and people have been commenting on it. The comments range from, You had lost weight last year, what happened to that? I can't believe its you, you were so slim, please join a gym, you have put on too much weight, etc. etc.

No prizes for guessing how I take it. I get bugged up and irritated. I have a list of smart Alec responses for each of these comments and I do respond in my mind bubble but outwardly I just smile. I feel like telling them, its my Body, my weight, your father what goes. Once when I wasn't able to control myself I had replied, "kha ke maroongi tumhara kya jata hai"" and I felt ashamed after saying that. Ashamed because I know that few of these people have my best interest when they comment on my weight. I feel ashamed because last to last year when I was losing weight I was sharing my success story with these very people, it was them who were encouraging me. Not that it gives them a right to comment every now and then on my weight because I do have a mirror at home and I know that I need to take things in control but to be reminded about it every bloody minute is just not done. Plus it is easy to comment on others but when you don't know some ground realities it is just futile to judge & comment.

All this also made me think of how selfish we are. How we never tire of listening to praises but when it comes to negative feedback we just recoil. I usually am very receptive to feedback and always take negative ones in my stride and sometimes try to improve myself but in this case somehow I am unable to tolerate. God Knows why. I once had a good friend who loved when people praised her but if you give an honest but negative feedback she starts believing that you are against her. In fact she feels the whole world is conspiring against her but you keep praising and you are her best friend. Whenever I get into the present mode I just think about her and take a resolution that I don't want to be her. I also know that the best way to move on is by losing weight and trust me I am working on it (in Mind ;-)) but well it takes time to lose All that has been gained. So bear with me and be try ignoring the weight topic if you are meeting me any time soon ;-)

Another thing that I have been noticing in myself is the increased level of rudeness. I have a sense of humor which can be wicked at times and sometimes I end up hurting people. It becomes very hard to explain that what I am saying is in fine humor, guess there is a thin line and I sometimes cross it and come out as rude. Rude also because these days I am unable to take it from anyone, you have to utter a word against me and I have to give you a reply then & there.  End result? Hurting people all around.

I guess I need to re learn few things, need to take a break (that I am doing from WhatsApp), count till 10 before uttering a word and then count few more, think before I speak and do more talk less....

Phew!! A lot to achieve!

Anyways enough of me, how have you been? I was away for some time coz had traveled to Noida, have many stories from there but I will save them for some other day. Hope you have been doing good :;) what plans for Diwali?

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