26 May, 2015

The Fall Girl

Yes that's me and I am sure that I have written about it before but there have been so many instances of falling lately that they need to be chronicled before they are Archived in the "I will blog about it" folder (like many other things).

This happened in April. We had gone to pay Arnav's fees and while returning back were looking for a Small Scooter (toy!!!!) that the brat had demanded from her Naani. We had already looked in 4-5 shops without success. We decided to try in one more shop and since it was just a few blocks away I decided to walk and asked husband to go back and get the scooter to the shop. I was walking with full speed looking here and there when suddenly my foot hit a stone and within no time was I like running on full speed unable to control myself and then I was in the air for 3-4 seconds. I could see a pillar right in front of me and I wanted to stop myself from falling but there was nothing that I could hold on to. When I went down I tried saving my body by taking the whole weight on my hands. So when I hit the ground my knees & palms grazed. All this happened on a Footpath. Immediately two guys came running towards me and helped me putting back my foot in the floaters & helped me stand back. From their looks I knew I had a bad fall & they were surprised that I got up all in one piece.

Later; when I narrated the incident to Hubby he first reprimanded me for not looking where I was walking & didn't take it seriously. When I showed him the condition of my chooridar (luckily it didn't tear; come on its my favorite piece) he was like Oh! you had a bad fall and in his words I was Chaaron Khaane chit! (falling flat on face). 

Next day when I woke up I thankfully had no major pain. My leg was swollen but besides that I was ok & relieved. I would realize that I had counted my blessings too soon because by evening my left arm was paining like hell and there was as swelling as well. Next day I showed to a doctor at my workplace and I was given a sling to keep my arms static. 

The worst outcome of the sling was I had to answer questions like.

ABC: What happened?? *with out most concern*
Me:  I fell.
ABC: How?
Me: I was walking and I fell down.
ABC: From scooter? Stairs? From where and where?
Me: I was walking and I fell.
ABC: But how?
Me: I dunno!
ABC: Now come on tell us the truth.
Me: I am telling you the truth.

For me to walk and fall is very normal but people can not fathom how can one fall just like that! Anyways, when 5 days later I still had the swelling & pain I decided to visit an Orthopedic.  Hubby dropped me at the hospital and went on to drop brat to Karate Classes. I showed to the doctor who ruled out Fracture and gave me medicines. While I was walking out of the hospital the unthinkable happened. Well, not really unthinkable; I twisted my left foot and so very badly that I had tears in my eyes and had yelped in pain.

I couldn't go to work for next 2 days and when I resumed office my boss couldn't help laughing at "you went to show your arm and ended up with a sprain; how accident prone can you be." Over the day he kept laughing at me and all I could do was grin.

In evening when I came out of his cabin another colleague of mine asked me something and in my usual clumsy manner the diary in my hand (which had my mobile and pen) fell down with a loud noise and I immediately went down on my knees to pick up my favorite pen and when I looked up I saw my boss had hurriedly rushed out of his cabin to look out for me; assuming that I had fallen again. When I smiled and showed my pen all he could say was "kyaa Smita". I couldn't stop giggling for next 5 mins.

My arm took 15 days to heal and after that I have already fallen twice or thrice. Like this Sunday we had gone exploring this mountain when I Hubby asked me to pose against this mountain. I being I decided to step down in the gap just before the mountain. I explored properly and sat down to step down. Very cautiously I kept my foot down and the next thing I knew I just stumbled in.  Hubby later tells me he rushed towards me without looking left right. And here I was; mumbling I am fine; not hurt etc. 

Right after the fall

He says its as if I have promised to fall every where and anywhere. He was counting on me to fall in the Snow World which we visited yesterday but thankfully I let him down.

But the best thing in all this is Arnav. You should see how animatedly he describes my falls with full description. Like that day he was telling his dad; "you know my toy was going down and then suddenly he was in air like my Mom was when she fell down." Husband grins and I prefer to ignore.

I don't know how I manage to do it every time. I try to be very careful and I am usually very careful *come on don't laugh*; I don't wear high heels; I don't run but I fall!! Just Like that!!!!

God Knows why! 

18 May, 2015

From the Eyes of A Pillion Rider

Yes, that's me. We, i.e. I & Hubby have been travelling together for more than a year and there is a lot that I see and there is a lot that I have to say. I have so many questions and I have so many observations. Do you know once I counted the number of riders/ Pillion riders were wearing helmets? The numbers were quite good for the former and bad for the latter. I have even counted the number white cars on the road! Yes I am mad that ways! But this post is about something else. So, let me start *rubs hands in glee*

My 1st question is for that Uncle who is riding the motorcycle and has a Helmet with him but it is very conveniently placed on the petrol tank and not on his head. I mean, whats the purpose of carrying the damn thing if you don't wear it? The fact that you are carrying the helmet means you know its purpose so why the heck you don't wear it? It's not that the tank needs saving. #JustSaying

And then there are the ladies who are wearing all the protective gears and riding quite well. But oh! what do I see; the purse is dangling on their shoulders? The scooters these days come equipped with these hooks where one can hang their bag & there is storage space under the seat. I mean you will have a lesser headache of balancing if you use commonsense the hook. #JustSaying

And then there are "The Couples" which fall in two category
  • The ones which are attached to each other like Siamese Twins. With girl pressing onto the man like there is no tomorrow and chatting away to glory; my only question is how does the Man concentrate on riding and do they ever reach on time #RoadRomance
  • Then I have seen Women latching onto the throat of their partners. There are the ones who wrap their arms quiet nicely and then there are the ones whom I see and I can't stop laughing. Their Arms are twisted in a manner where you are left wondering if she is holding him or is she trying to throttle him! #RoadMurder
Then there is this pair of girls whom we pass almost twice a week. How much they talk! Its the busiest road, there are heavy vehicles, there are unending cars and every one is in a hurry to just move ahead and there is this pair. You can see them talking nineteens to dozens; driving fast enough but not maneuvering fast enough; slowing the traffic in the process. But they are just not bothered because there can be nothing more important than talking. #GirlswillbeGirls

Then there are people who ride & use mobile. I have nothing to say to them besides calling them Losers! #Indeed

Then there are ones who feel they own the road. They have jazziest horns and very dheela hand. They just can't keep it off that damn thing; pressing onto it like their hand is glued to it. Like they are the busiest people in this world and everybody else on the road is a fool. According to them we should all make a green corridor for them while they drive. #StupidDrivers

I also love the category of the Car drivers who forget the vehicle they are in. They maneuver the car as if its a two wheeler. A little twist here & a little twist there and the the fools block the way for all the others. Bhaiya scooter hi le aao na! #IdiotsonRoad

And then there are riders who feel every minute spent on road standing idle is a minute wasted. They will move the two wheeler through every possible space. My hubby falls in this category. I have to time & again tell him to chill. A minutes delay wouldn't be that monumental. #Driverinhurry

And then there are pillion riders who are so busy on their mobiles that their colleagues come back and report, "your vehicle was running parallel to my train and I saw you doing something furiously  in Mobile. Kabhi to leave it". Yes! That's me! #stupidpillionriders.

14 May, 2015

The Three S's of my Life

No that's not my ass that I am talking about and though mine does look like a double Decker but right now I am talking about alphabet S only. It was this morning only that I realized that three people whom I consider most close friends have their initials with S. SS, SP & ST!!!

Few months back I had started a Whatsapp Group with few of my favourite people in it; with three S's included. The group slowly grew with us adding our Mom's, cousins, friends ki friends etc. The group is exclusively for spamming; we share all kinds of silly yet amusing forwards, non veg jokes, stupid quiz etc. But oh what fun! So much fun that we started planning a meet. At least of people who were based in Mumbai. After many failed plans for of us finally met last Sunday at ST's place. What fun we had; we gorged upon yummy Paneer Pakoda's made by ST, gossiped, discussed my weight/ Piku/ maids/ dance and what not. Time just flew.

All of us had met previously during my Godbharai & then on Arnav's 1st birthday but a lot had changed over the years. SP & ST had quit their jobs and were enjoying life. I had gained several kilos and SS; errr she was mostly the same (I am ignoring her extra kilos because I am not supposed to be nasty to her on my blog) but this meeting was much different. We were alone and we were chilled and though each of us knew each other but I was the connecting point for them. I had brought them together.

And it was this morning that I realized that these three women matter a lot to me. They have met me at different stages of life and they became my backbone.

SS (often referred to as my BFF in this blog) I met during my Ahemdabad days; we met, we separated and then we were inseparable. I can not describe my relationship with her in words but it is with her that I lived one of the most fun filled and happy period of my life. Oh! we were so carefree, happy & independent and then fortunately when she moved to Mumbai we were united. Though I don't meet her as often now but we know we are forever there for each other and she is my BFF no matter what!!! She is my to go person no matter what!

SP & I met on a website. We interacted & bonded well; only to realize later that we shared our Birthdays, cities, companies (yes we worked for the same one) & at one point of time she used to live across the street when we were in Jamnagar. We were practically neighbors back then. We got along from day 1 and when we moved into the same office space there was no looking back. We were always interacting via internal communicator/ internal phone and would speak to each other ten times in a day. Our age difference was forgotten and she became my mentor/ friend and a lot more. When she had resigned I was at loss. We promised to keep in touch; we spoke first regularly and then the busy life's took over. But when I met her this Sunday i couldn't help myself from hugging her over & over again. I realized how much I missed her. P.S. she was my 1st proper friend in Mumbai.

ST; I met in the locals. When my office was relocated to town we all used to travel by the same ladies special local. I would see her as that lovely thin lady with lovely hair. We never interacted back then. It was hi n bye ka relationship. Our interactions increased when our seats got closer (yes she was also a colleague) and then few shifting later I became her neighbor i.e. when she saved me from sitting bang opposite my boss and gave me a safe seat. There has been no looking back since then. She is the most helpful & selfless soul that I have ever met. She was that guiding factor in my life who heard my rants, showed me whats right or wrong, pampered my during my pregnancy and did so many countless things for me that I can even put them here. And then she resigned last year.I still miss her presence around. Sigh!

Each of them has met me in different stages and they know me so well. They know different sides of my personality and are always there to show me the mirror. They don't hesitate to scold me and they are always their to support me. We don't call each other often; we don't meet very often but we never complain to each other that we are not in regular touch and that's what counts in a friendship. And trust me I am incomplete without them. They are the best that I have and I am thankful that I have them.

And no it is not Friendship day today. For me that's every day. I am just counting my blessings!

30 April, 2015

The Brat Says....

If It is a Money Plant then why doesn't it give Money??
I say, I wish!!!
If it does give money what all we can do...
He says!!!
We will buy so many cars!
(Hopefully toy cars)

I say hopefully because the following conversation happened a month back

There is this BMW parked our building compound which the watchman (W in conversation) was cleaning.

Ar: Uncle is this your car? 
W: No! No! How can this be mine, yeh to aap jaise saheb* ki hai.
Ar: Main koi sahab wahab nahin hoon.
W: Ok! But you have a car.
Ar: Makes a face and says Yes Alto!!!
W: Which colour?
Ar: Maroon! But we are about to buy a BMW
W: Is it?
Ar: Yes, very soon.

Then he turned towards his Nanu and asks

Ar: Nanu where will we keep the BMW?
N: Arrey! first let it come then we will think.
Ar: We will give the BMW to Mumma and Daddy can drive Alto!!

And the conversation went on...
Before you ask, we can not think of buying Bee, BMW is not even in our dreams!! It is just that the brat somehow doesn't like our Car (for reasons beyond my understanding) and BMW is his dream car! And yes he is a Mumma's boy, see how he is giving the shiny new car to me. Yes, am allowed to swell in pride even if I can not drive and even when the car is not even in our dreams. *tongue out*

And the latest one, yesterday morning he was behind me, when will I lose these teeth when will the new ones come etc. 

And then he asked what are the current teeth called, to which I replied, Doodh** ke daant!

Pat he asks, if they are doodh ke daant then why don't they give doodh?

I am still figuring out how to answer that one!!

*Saheb - Gentleman
** Doodh - Milk

20 March, 2015

Just Dreams

Title:    Just Dreams
Author: L.J. Taylor
ISBN: 9781941778005
Format: E Book


Sparks fly when attorney Kathy Brooks agrees to represent novelist Charles Morgan, Jr. in a high-profile suit against a powerful government defense contractor. But when Charles’ hidden agenda threatens to expose the government’s dirty little secrets, what started out as the case of a lifetime could cost Kathy her heart, her career and even her life. Charles doesn’t just want to win the lawsuit. He wants to destroy the company responsible for his wife’s death. His enemies, however, will stop at nothing to make the case go away – and that includes blackmail, kidnapping, and murder. As the body count rises and the stakes get higher, Charles and Kathy will have to decide just how much they’re willing to sacrifice for the win. To get justice, they’ll have to put it all out on the line - including each other - and it still might not be enough. "Just Dreams" is the first book in the Brooks Sisters Dreams Series

My View

I got this one as a review copy and wasn't expecting much from it but ended up liking it. Honestly its a breezy read, fast paced and in a way moves like a movie. Keeps you hooked till last moment. My only issue with it was that it is a tad unrealistic (and may be that's why plays like a movie) and the ending is too quick.

But overall a good travel read.

Rating 3/5

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