26 November, 2015

Inventions I Wish Were Made

This post is inspired by RM's post "Inventions I Am Glad Were Invented!"

I thought let me do it the other way round and let my imagination run wild. So let me talk about inventions that aren't anywhere in picture but I wish these things were invented.

Close Your Eyes & you are there Device. I wish there was a device which could transport me from my workplace to my home in a matter of seconds. Like, I close my eyes imagine a place and when I open my eyes I am in the place that I had imagined.

The Calorie Taker, have said this many a times and will say again, a device that takes in all the calories that I eat and gains all the weight also.

Everything that's lost easily should be GPS Enabled I wish the knives, the key chain, the scissors, the minion toy of brat, the pen & well you know what I am saying. All these bloody small small items get lost and are untraceable. If they were all GPS enabled life would be so very easy no?

A device that types the posts going on in my mind, well! well! won't that make active again? And won't that make so many thing easy?

A device that makes you lose weight and take it to the desired level. Well I know I am being repetitive but what if God is reading this list and he should realize how important this is ;-)

Money Device this one is from brat, what if the money plant starts giving money!! I wish! I Wish!

Feeding Device a device that feeds my brat in a matter of minutes! We spend an hour a meal and have to say so many things, if a device takes over hours in a day will shoot up like anything!

Go wild and share your Invention fantasy's!  

30 October, 2015

Chal Bhaiya...

Selfie Le Le Re....
Aaah the awkwardness!!!
Aaah the craziness!!!
Aaah the weirdness!!!

29 October, 2015

The Healthy Couple! That's Us!

It was a rainy evening, armed with a steaming hot cup of coffee & big bag of potato wafers I capture my favorite side of the sofa.

This is my favorite corner coz of the view. When you remove the curtain its gives a splendid view of the road and a khaadi!
Couple of seconds later hubby joins me on the other side of the sofa and the only thing that you can hear for some time is the sound of munch! munch! khachar! khachar!

After having finished 1/4th of the chips in the bag..

Hubby: You know till the time we start doing something else about our health we should at least stop eating fried stuff and eat healthy.

*munches few wafers and hands me the bag*

Me: Yes! You are right!

*grabs 4-5 wafers; shove them in my mouth & hands the bag back to hubby*

Hubby: Yes!! *munch* *munch* reduce the intake of potato, don't make fried stuff etc.

*munches few more wafers and passes the bag back to me*

Me: You are absolutely right!!

*grabs 4-5 wafers; shove them in my mouth & hands the bag back to hubby*

The discussion goes on and so does the give & take of the wafers!!

Cheers to a healthy life!
And New Beginnings!

28 October, 2015

Think Before You Speak!

I almost forgot my promise to self i.e. of posting a picture a day. Not that I did not try; there is Draft no 23 as proof but more on that some other day because I know that if I don't finish this post at this moment I will be adding another draft.

So; this Dussehra we were visiting our Native Village and had clubbed it with visitng another cousin & a quick Pachmarhi trip. The latter deserves a separate post but let me tell you a snippet of conversation we had at the cousins place.

The trip was ending and we were packed; ready to leave for another relatives place. The usual zing bang of gifting cash to kids & adults was happening when Hubby's cousin offered cash to brat. We all went protesting, what's the need, why this much etc etc. (Between you n me; when I was a kid we were taught to protest but I realized with time that protesting doesn't help and it is always better to take what is being offered with a smile no I am not greedy)

After a little while I caught hold of the cousin's daughter and gave her some cash to buy chocolates etc and like is imbibed in us she started with the standard protest. I asked her to be silent and said; "you should never refuse what elders give, now take it."

As soon as my sermon ended a voice from the back says, "if that's the case Mumma why did you make me say no a little while back?" I turned around to find my brat staring at me and asking a very logical question to which I had no answer. 

Every time I promise to self that I need to think a lot before speaking because this brat of mine is growing up a little more everyday and his questions are becoming a little more grown up every day!!! 

Lets have fun!

26 October, 2015

You That Life is a B***H When

You wake up at 5 AM and achieve following

  • Cook Lunch
  • Cook two kinds of breakfast
  • Packed some 15 kinds of dabbas
  • By 6:30 Wake the brat up, entertain him, feed him and made him ready on time.
  • Dropped him at the bus stop at 7:30
  • Came back packed all the bags including mine & brat's Day Care bag
  • Loaded the Washing Machine
  • Took a bath; got ready
  • Stepped out of your home at 7:55 AM
And you see this at the next door neighbor's door!

Their day hasn't even begun!!!!

P.S. I thank R's Mom for inspiring me to put this post here!
P.P.S I am planning to put a photo a day here to revive this space!

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